Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional- Day 1-Practice Day 2019

Article Submitted by: Issie Brockhouse

Today, everyone woke up excited to see all the other teams that we will be competing against. Some we knew, and some we were excited to meet. While the drive team was getting the hang of the field, other team members decided to attend, and even present team seminars. Teams 1816, 2177, 2239, along with Piper and Issie representing team 5172, presented “Core Values” under the leadership of Yogi Shimizu. We discussed our team’s core values and described a student vision process to help other teams succeed. Later that morning, the Chairman’s team went and signed up for a time to present on friday. The practice matches went really well.  It took awhile for the drivers to get used to it due to not practicing since the Great Northern Regional but at the end of the day, we were happy with how we performed. We were able to fill the rocket several times.

Throughout the day we had several special visitors. Dan Fabian, our State Representative, Mike Gust-one of our very generous sponsors, and Joe Brandmeier-Producer of Small Town Robot. Yesterday before load in to the Williams Arena Mike Gust took us on a tour of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the U of M, where he works. He even took us in a couple labs where the engineers explained to us what they were working on! This was very interesting!

For supper, we went to the restaurant Fuddruckers to meet up with our “Southern Sister Team 1816 The Green Machine, from Edina”. We enjoyed each other’s company, until it was time to go our separate ways and get some rest for the big day of qualification matches tomorrow.

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