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We are FIRST® Robotics Team #5172, formally known as the Gators. Our team was founded in 2014 as an effort to expand the opportunities available to Greenbush and Middle River students and to introduce a new activity into our area (in northern Minnesota.) The team consists of any high school students (grades 9-12) with an interest or passion for science, technology, mathematics, or engineering. The level of work our students engage in at school and in the community is directly reflected in the growing list of accomplishments our team has obtained.

Here is the chairman’s award video about our team.

Team History


2015- On our second year, the game was Recycle Rush™. The goal was to work efficiently with two alliance teammates to get as many stacks of totes on the scoring platform as possible. There were two ways to get totes, out of the chutes or from the landfill. Three recycling bins were also on our side of the playing field. Our robot again this year was very impressive, Vortex, got us to the MSHSL State Championships again this year. During our second year, we placed 2nd at the Duluth Northern Lights Regional, won the Quality Award, and the Safety Hat Pin Award; we placed 4th at the Minnesota State High School League Robotics Championships. Check out Vortex on the Robots page.


2014- On our rookie year of 2014, the game was Aerial Assist™. The goal was to work as efficiently as possible with two alliance teammates to throw or push large, 2 ft. diameter balls into high or low goals. Additional points were awarded for being able to toss the ball over a truss standing at just over 5 ft. We were told that Aerial assist was the roughest game in FIRST history, and we believe that’s true after finishing the season with more than 5 broken wheels, 1 bent motor shaft, and dozens of very noticeable dents and scratches. We were very proud of our robot, Triplex, that not only made it through three competitions, but did extremely well. During our first year, we placed 2nd at the Duluth Northern Lights Regional and won the Rookie Allstar Award as well as being the highest seated rookie; we traveled to St. Louis to compete in the World Championships where we also did very well, placing 14th out of 100 teams in the Curie division; and we placed 3rd at the Minnesota State High School League Robotics Championships. Although we did well for Rookies, we know the challenge has only begun; we’re ready to give it our all here at the swamp! Check out Triplex on the Robots page.


Please take the time to check out our match videos on Youtube: click here!

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