Chairmen’s Award Update!

For the past week one of our main focus’ for Team 5172 has been Sponsorship and The Chairmen’s Award. The Chairmen’s Award is a process that requires dedication, passion, and enthusiasm. If we win the Chairmen’s Award we will get the chance to go to the Worlds competition in St. Louis, Missouri. The first thing we have to accomplish is a theme. The theme is what we want to portray to the audience throughout all of the steps to the Chairmen’s Award. The steps include: a 10,000 character essay, 500 character executive summaries, a 3 minute video, and a 10 minute Chairmen’s interview. The Chairmen’s Award Team has been extremely busy this past week! The team is currently finishing the 500 character summaries, the 3 minute video, and the rough draft of the 10,000 character essay. The 10 minute Chairmen’s interview will take place at the Duluth Regional competition and will be judged there.

In other news, the Build Team has started constructing our robot! It’s a very exciting environment in the shop and we’re all having a blast! It’s always enjoyable to watch the Build Team make so many accomplishments. The Sponsorship Team has been calling outside businesses, while still continuing to visit businesses. The Marketing Team has already designed buttons and bracelets that we are very excited about! The first set of game pieces have been created from the 3D Printer and we are waiting for the second set to set up our game board. Overall, we are still busy and the excitement continues!

Robert, Joseph, Hannah, Emily, and Ben working hard on the robot build!
Robert Hlucny, Joseph Hlucny, Hannah Anderson, Emily Tarala, and Ben Lieberg working hard on the robot build!


Martyn Novacek operating the turning lathe while mentor Doug Hlucny assists.
Martyn Novacek operating the turning lathe while mentor Doug Hlucny assists.


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