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Now, I know what you all are thinking. Build season is coming to an end. Well, that might be true, but the end of build season brings the start of something new. Something amazing. That, my friends, is preparation for regionals. That’s right. Regionals in Duluth start February 26th and go until February 28th. Regionals are especially fun because you get to talk to other teams and see what they came up with for a robot. While my last post talked about safety in robotics (a very important issue, I might add) this one talks about robotics in general. We have created a Junkyard robot as some other teams have. Our robot is made out of rebar (which serves as the base) and we will be adding stuff to it to make it more bulky. For instance, we could add metal pop cans to the arms to make biceps and forceps. I’ve seen Junkyard robots before, so I have a bit of an understanding as to what it looks like.

This year, we will have our main robot that will be used in the competition and the Junkyard robot. From what I’ve heard, naming the robot is somewhat important. I mean, no one wants to kill the buzz by having a robot that is simply named “Robot.” Therefore, we shall name ours. Triplex was the name of last year’s robot. While coming up with a creative and catchy name is fun, it can be a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never lost sleep over the robots name, but I have found myself wondering what to name it.

So far, we have a list of names for it, but I’m not mentioning those name mainly because I’m not entirely sure what most of them are. I’m submitting the name the “Robo-Buster”, but I don’t think we would pick that name.

I’m sure I’ll see a lot of familiar faces at this year’s regional and if you see us, don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi. I’m sure most of our team will be thankful to see so many familiar faces in the crowd this year.

Breydon Stewart working on the junkyard robot with mentor, Mrs. Aune.
Breydon Stewart working on the junkyard robot with mentor, Mrs. Aune.


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