First Robotics World Championships Detroit- Day 3

Article submitted by: Piper Sondreal,  Aubre Berg, Sarah Stanelle, and Cammi Cain

Today was our first day of Qualification Matches and let’s just say that it was quite eventful. Our morning started off with us waking to a flat tire on our charter bus. Luckily, our friends 1816 “The Green Machine” and the New London Toolcats gave our drivers, pit crew, and some scouters a ride to the Cobo Center so they wouldn’t be late for the competition. The rest of the team arrived at the arena towards the end of the fifth qualification match and our day was back on schedule. We had three matches before lunch and won two out of the three. The first match was won with a score of 433-301 with teams 3623 and 7068 on our alliance. We won our second math as well 406-346 alined with teams 3197 and 5114. Our final match before lunch ended with us losing 279-365 with teams 2500 and 3770. That match put us in 30th place. We only had one match after lunch and it was a nice win for the Gators. The competition in that match was fierce and had everyone in the stands on their feet. We were on an alliance with teams 573 and 2056 and won with a score of 412-380. That last match brought us all the way up to 14th place!! Throughout the day many conferences were held at the Cobo Center and a Core Values conference was put on by our BFF team 1816. Many of our team members attended that conference and learned so much about the importance of personal team values and how to integrate them throughout the team. Another exciting thing that happened today was that our head coach, Mary Anderson, got to meet Woodie Flowers!! Not only did they have a good chat, but Woodie also signed Mary’s Woodie Flowers Award that she won at the Great Northern Regional!! Our day ended with some team bonding and relaxation at our hotel through swimming, cornhole, and visiting with teams The Green Machine and the Robettes. Here’s to a hopeful second day of Qualification Matches tomorrow!

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