Great Northern Regional 2019 Day 3

Article Submitted By: Piper Sondreal

Our day began with a strong start; after 62 qualification matches prior to this morning, we were ranked 6th out 55 teams. We were set to compete in the 63rd qualification match this morning, and with a triumphant win, we were bumped up to the 2nd place ranking spot. After 87 matches, we had CHOMPED our way to the #1 ranked team and secured ourselves a spot in the quarter finals with our alliance partners 3750 the Gators from Badger, Minnesota (different teams, same swamp!!) and 7048 Red River Rage from Moorhead, Minnesota. Team 3750 excelled at filling the rockets and cargo ship like us, while team 7048 was a monster defensive robot that was able to keep other alliances from scoring as much. Our first quarter final match was against the #8 ranked alliance (3313, 8, 5658), winning with a score of 84-65. The rule of “best of three” plays into the competition here, so in order for us to move on to the semi finals, we needed to beat the #8 alliance once more. And thank goodness we did! With a score of 104-60, we were moving on to the semi finals (and we had the highest scoring match!!). The semi finals were looking to be a bit tougher against the #2 ranked alliance (2077, 4009, 2175). We won the first match against them 91-69, but the next one had us all on the edge of our seats. Thankfully, we were able to snatch a nail biting victory of 90-85 and headed into the finals against the #4 alliance (876, 2502, 4239). The first finals match was victorious on our side with a score of 85-77, and after our second finals match, scoring 86 points over 74 points scored by the #4 alliance, we were declared BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPIONS OF THE GREAT NORTHERN REGIONAL. The crowd went WILD!!!! This win earned a spot in the World Robotics Competition this April in Detroit, Michigan. Not only did we win the regional competition, but we also brought home some more hardware winning the Safety Hard Hat Award, Best Pit Safety, and the Quality Award! We had such a triumphant day surrounded by many friends, family, and community members who came out to support our little team. Here’s to the Medtronic Regional in the Cities at the end of the month, and the World Competition in April!! Chomp Chomp!!

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