Great Northern Regional 2020- Final Day

Article Written by John Novacek:

At the end of the day Friday the 28th, the gator robotics team 5172 ranked at 14th. But, at the end of Saturday the 29th, the team was ranked 12th climbing two rankings out of 60 teams. We had a rough schedule throughout the tournament going 6 and 3. During alliance selection we were selected by 3293 the Otter bots and then asked 4198 the Robocats. We went flawlessly through the bracket until finals going 0 and 2 and finishing second in the regional. We had a great time cheering on our team throughout the day and then we got to awards. Our team won the Industrial Design Award, sponsored by General Motors. This award celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge. We also received the finalist award for being in one of the alliances in the finals. Each of our team members received a medal for this.

Complete Team Photo coming soon…

Members of the drive team -Olivia Brazier, Kyle Stauffenecker, Ryan Hlucny and drive coach John Langaas.
Drivers Ryan Hlucny and Kyle Stauffenecker along with their drive coach John Langaas.
Analyzing Scouting Data.
Mentor Vern Langaas driving the FIRST train!

Build mentor Doug Hlucny, Alliance Captain Thor Anderson, Driver Kyle Stauffenecker, Drive Coach and mentor John Langaas and Driver Ryan Hlucny, and Robot- Spitfire.
Build Team along with the build mentors following their 2nd place win.

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