Great Northern Regional 2020- Qualification Rounds

Article Written by Lauren Stenberg:

Today was a long day of scouting and showing the newbies how Regionals work. Between watching our robot and individual wrestlers at state I am very proud of gator nation. After 62 qualification matches we competed in 6 and are ranked 14th. Besides scouting and competing, a few team members got the opportunity to give tours to our Superintendent and Politicians such as Senator Mark Johnson. We are ready for even more competition in the morning!

Article Written by Sarah Stanelle:

We started off today watching the video Yogi had prepared for the regional. It included a lot of our local northwest Minnesota teams and many of the members of team 5172 the Gators. We had a rough start in our qualification matches, in our first five we had lost two of them. We eventually recovered and went from the rank of 41 to 14 and we still have a few chances left to take the lead. The younger class men caught on to scouting quickly, proving themselves invaluable members of our team. Our Gator wrestlers were supported throughout the day with live streaming as we cheered on the individuals who qualified for state. In closing we watched many deserving mentors receive recognition for their arduous labor and commitment to their communities. 

Wyatt Whitchurch is our Gator Mascot!
Piper Sondreal, Sarah Stanelle and John Novacek presented for the Chairmans Award.

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