Great Northern Regional- Final Day

Article Submitted by: Ella Koebernick, Sarah Stanelle, and Issie Brockhouse

This weekend was a huge success and our team ended up winning the Great Northern Regional and by doing so we secured a spot in the World Championships! After qualifications, we were ranked #1 and as the alliance captains we selected team 4539- Kaotic Robotics from Frazee and team 6175-Mystery Machine from Eden Valley/Watkins,  to join our alliance. It worked out perfectly as our alliance was able to go undefeated throughout the quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals to win the competition! At the awards ceremony, we also won an Excellence in Engineering Award and were runners up for the Safety Award.

After helping the volunteers take down the game field, we loaded up and headed back for home. We are all looking forward to the World Championships in Detroit, Michigan this coming April!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and also a huge thank you to all the fans that came down to Grand Forks to watch us compete!

Our Robot Fezzicks Triple climb with Warroads FREDD, and Badgers JD Robot.
Our Alliance Captain Kyle Stenberg as he prepares to ask teams to join us.
The Drive teams from our winning alliance.
Our team mascot Jon Peterson leads our team in cheers!
Our Drive Team , Robert Hlucny, Ryan Hlucny, and Kyle Stauffenecker as they wait for match results.
Our Senior team members- PROUD MOMENT
Team 5172


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