Iowa Regional Day 1 Update

As the set-up crew put the pit together, we worked on finishing up some programming and adding some finishing touches on the robot before heading out for our first practice match. During the match we were able to make our autonomous vision shot and cross back over the defense and get ready to grab a ball all in 15 seconds. During the match, we were able to try out our new Cheval de Frise manipulator which worked fantastic, and we shot 6 balls in the high goal. In one of our proceeding matches, we were paired with team 2512 the Duluth East Daredevils and team 1775 the Tigerbots and we got a score of 191 points, which is on par with some of the highest scoring matches in the world – and that’s without the extra 45 points for breaching and capturing. We also tried out a new motor on our lifting system, and it turned out to be almost twice as fast. The robot looked great, and we had very few problems! Hopefully tomorrow’s qualification matches go as well, or better than, today’s practice matches!

Iowa Robotics Pit Timelapse
This is a short time-lapse of the pits in Iowa

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