Long trip to Iowa

What an eventful day! This morning 15 team members and 5 mentors headed for Waterloo, Iowa. With a few stops along the way we finally reached our destination around 7:00 pm, a 12 hour car ride! Our ride took a bit longer because we hit the big snow storm. When we reached Minneapolis it began to snow and the weather was not in our favor. With our skilled drivers we have, we got through the snow and reached Waterloo, Iowa! Thank you to our drivers for getting us here safely! We took a van and a mini bus, the van was busy changing from hot to cold through the crazy weather and tight spaces plavix dosage. The bus kids did lots of sleeping and watched movies. In our van we set up a camera and did a time lapse through Minneapolis, you can check it out on our website. It shows the snow beginning and us “cruising” through traffic. Tomorrow we start our practice day at the UNI dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We are all VERY excited for another regional! Remember to check out our website and social media pages for updates! Go 5172!

Passing through the Cities time-lapse

This is a short time-lapse of a section of the trip

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