Minnesota Robotics Invitational 2018

Article Submitted by Team 5172 Members:
 Friday, Oct. 12th, 2018 –We started out our day by leaving the school at 11:45.  Most of the kids napped on the way except for a few that were listening to music and playing games.  The ride felt long but we had great laughs and a good time watching movies. We arrived at our hotel at 6:30 pm and got settled in for the time being until we went to eat at Fuddruckers. At Fuddruckers the most popular burger was the Hangover. It contains  fried eggs, bacon, and two burger patties. Overall we had a great day and are now relaxing back at the hotel playing games, hanging out, and preparing for the MRI Competition tomorrow.

Saturday, Oct. 13th, 2018  —We started off this exciting day of robotics fun at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational by wining our first qualification match 458-27, and what an exciting victory that was for some of our first-time drivers training in at this off-season event. The day continued with rookies attending many seminars put on by other FIRST teams where they learned about safety and how to instill a safety culture in our team. They also learned what outreach is and why it is so important for our team to have. The last seminar our rookies attended taught them about the FRC judged awards and the best practices for teams to win those awards. Those who attended the workshops came back with lots of ideas and goals for our team in the future. After qualification matches our team was ranked 4th with a 5-1 win/loss record, which put us in the alliance captain position. Through alliance selection we picked teams 3130 the Errors, 4536 the MinuteBots, and 4198 the RoboCats and had to take on the number one alliance (3750, 4539, 2175, 3184) in the semifinals. We lost the first match 469-266 and won our next match against the number one alliance 326-314. Then we had to play a tie-breaker match, in which we won with a score of 302-274. Winning that match sent us to the finals against the second alliance (876, 1816, 4607, 2491). We won the first finals match 381-326, and then claimed victory of the 2018 Minnesota Robotics Invitational in the second finals match with a score of 295-212. It was an amazing win for the team and the rookies were ecstatic!! After the event, we were invited by our #bffteam 1816 the Green Machine to supper and team bonding, where we played board games and sang karaoke. Overall, it was an extremely exciting day full of fun fun fun!!!

Sunday, Oct. 14th, 2018 —Team 5172 got up bright and early at 8 a.m. to head out of the twin cities with flurries in the air. A few hours after a relaxing ride on the bus… We then stopped in Detroit Lakes at the famous Country Market. Everyone grabbed a bite to eat and bought some snacks, for this being the last stop of the trip. Two more hours later and we arrived at our hometowns of Middle River, Strathcona, and Greenbush, Minnesota. It was a very enjoyable trip full of learning and excitement.




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