Safety Team Update

At the beginning of every year, the safety team has the entire team participate in a safety test. The purpose of the safety test is to make sure our team is always aware of safety and to lower the risk of injuries. Team members have to score 90% or higher to pass the safety test and to be able to participate on the team. Currently the safety team is updating the manual, while receiving and organizing inventory for competition. Our safety captains are the same this year as they were last year, Julia Stenberg and Hannah Anderson. They are always getting on our cases about wearing our safety goggles at all times and that we are performing the tasks in the safest way possible.

The busiest time of the year for our safety captains and team is when we are at competition. They have to make sure our pit is set up safely and that the team working in the pit are working hard, but with safety. They also meet with safety advisors who ask our safety team questions about our team and make sure the pit is showing all standards of safety. We are very grateful to have such a caring safety team that is always looking out for our safety!

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