Arena Update

The Arena team has been extremely busy the past few weeks. They have been busy brainstorming, measuring, and building. There are many components to this year’s arena. The tower, the many different obstacles, and preparing the space for it. The team has been working with mentors, Gary Langaas and Elroy Aune, they’ve been a great […]

Chairmen’s Award Update!

For the past week one of our main focus’ for Team 5172 has been Sponsorship and The Chairmen’s Award. The Chairmen’s Award is a process that requires dedication, passion, and enthusiasm. If we win the Chairmen’s Award we will get the chance to go to the Worlds competition in St. Louis, Missouri. The first thing […]

Build and Design Update

There is never a dull moment for our build and design team! They have put in many hours and super long days trying to come up with the best robot for this years STRONGHOLD competition!  They have a great start on a prototype and several engineers from Central Boiler have generously agreed to help us […]