World Champs-Travel Day-2019

Article Submitted By: Ryan, Kyle, and ThorT

The Long Road Ahead

Today we began our long journey to the FIRST Championship in Detroit, Michigan. We are traveling with 3 other teams on 2 buses: 3750 (Badger),  3277 (Thief River Falls), and 876 (Hatton-Northwood, ND). We had packed everything under the buses the day before so when we took off at 5 am this morning we simply boarded the buses and left without worrying about luggage. We made our first stop at Erskine to pick up a little breakfast and to switch people to their assigned buses. Our lunch stop was in Hudson, Wisconsin, where there were many fast food places to choose from. Upon arrival in Hudson, however, a pipe connected to the radiator of the larger coach bus broke and we leaked all of our antifreeze. Luckily, we probably have the best group of people you could ask for in such an event, as the mechanical engineers of all 4 teams sprang into action to fix the broken pipe. Just another day where the engineering field comes in handy! By the time everyone was done eating, the bus was ready to go and we continued our journey to our night stop in Portage, Indiana.

We would like to thank all the parents and community members and organizations for your support- we hope that we can continue to make you proud!

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