Daily Update

Hey Gator Fans! Our team was so busy over the first few days of the season we didn’t even get a chance to start our daily updates! Things have been going pretty smoothly so far; our team is putting a lot of effort into improving our organization from last year. The construction/design team is toiling away in the shop testing various prototypes and coming up with ideas. The only thing we know for sure so far is that precision is going to be essential to do well in Recycle Rush.

Students on the media team at today's meeting
Students on the media team at today’s meeting
Members of the build team working on prototypes
Members of the build team working on prototypes

All of our sub-teams have been hard at work this week coming up with “game plans” for 2015! Everyone’s been working together to kick our second season off to a good start! The public relations team is bonding with local businesses and our safety “experts” have been focusing their attention on accumulating information for a brand new safety manual. As a second year-team, the Gators are really trying to use last year’s experiences to advance in every way possible!

We still have a long way to go before our 2015 bot is ready for action, but we’re making new and exciting improvements every single day. All of us here in Greenbush, Minnesota want to wish other FIRST Robotics teams a happy and safe 2015 season!


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