Daily Update

Only 13 days left of build season. Things tend to get pretty hectic during the last few days. Tweak this, Fix that, Test the Autonomous. Everything needs to be tested and made perfect before we bag and tag the robot. Its stressful not only for the drive team but for everyone. We have safety manuals to make, hotels to book, meal plans to make, and other things stacked on top of that. Robotics really is the hardest fun you will ever have. Not to mention the most stressful.

The robot isn’t the only thing we are working on. A group of people are working behind the scenes on the junkyard robot. We have the frame of the body made already, but we still need the head and some more metal to give it some bulk.

Everybody is scrambling to get their stuff done and taken care of. The safety team is looking over every aspect of safety they can. The build team is working hard on the robot. The junkyard robot builders are working diligently on the junkyard robot to make it look visually appealing. I’m working on getting the mascot packed up and shipped.  Some people stay after school to work on their things.

However, we are making progress on a lot of the things we are doing. Many of us have game manuals and we are looking over them to understand the game as best we can. We now have a name for our robot (Vortex), and we are working after school to get it the way we want it. However, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect robot. Every robot has a malfunction at least once during competition. It’s very hard to make a robot work exactly as you want it to. It can get frustrating. There are some people I talked to last year who can confirm this. Whatever the case may be, keep your cool about it. There’s no need to stress out about building the robot. Trust me. It’s just a lot of stress you can avoid.

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