Daily Update

Today is the last day of build season. Some teams are just finishing up their robots today. We demonstrated our robot for our school. 9:00 this morning, the robotics team showed the high school what our robot can do and what it would be able to do during competitions. At 9:30, the team showed the elementary school the same. The Elementary was more excited about robotics than we thought they would be. The high school was impressed and asked us a few questions about the robot. It’s always cool to see someone my age or younger show an interest in robotics because it means it’s something they might want to do when they get older. In today’s busy world, businesses are looking for people who can code and do stuff with computers. Robotics is certainly a good way to get familiar with those things.

Engineers are also wanted in today’s society because a lot of businesses want people who can work with their hands and figure out problems quickly. Robotics is also a really great way to learn engineering. Although, it may be a bit minor compared to what professional engineers do, Robotics is very fun and very helpful. I hope younger generations get interested in robotics, too.

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