Day 2 Update- Review of our Day

Article and Photos Submitted by: Piper Sondreal, Aubrey Berg, Sarah Stanelle, and Ella Koebernick

What an exciting day for team 5172! Today we competed in the first half of the qualification matches and ended up winning 6 out of the 7 matches we participated in! We ended the day in first place out of forty-seven teams! Also, Minnesota State Representative Dan Fabian visited our pit along with First President Don Bossi, who signed a part of our robots arm. Piper Sondreal was awarded the Safety Star of the Day by her fellow safety captains of other teams! Another exciting thing that happened today was that our mentors Mary and Russ Anderson won the Volunteer of the Year Award! The stadium was buzzing with excitement and pride! The last award given out today was the highly honored Woodie Flowers Award. A member of our team had written a nomination letter about our coach, Mary Anderson. When they announced Mary as the recipient of the Woodie Flowers Award, our team erupted with ecstatic cheers and lots of tears! That was a very emotional moment for everyone on our team. It showed that in order to have a good team, you first need a good coach. And we have the best one around! Here’s to a great first day of qualification matches and hopefully a big win tomorrow! 

Piper Sondreal won Safety Star of the day!
Emily Tarala with our robots part signed by Don Bossi
Dan Fabian visits our pit

Team members with Mary Anderson following her Woodie Flowers award presentation.
Russ and Mary Anderson Family
Blue Banner to bring home!

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