Day 4- St. Louis Championship

We woke up bright and early this morning and headed to the Edward Jones Dome at 6:20am. Our first match of the day was a success, granting our team 4 ranking points with a score of 158-57. We continued to do well with a round that pushed us to rank 14 with the score: 195-108. After that we went out to lunch where we had a team meeting, there we talked a little about team strategies and what we should be doing for the rest of the competition. After the meeting we played again and ended up winning that match with a score of 174-86. A few hours later (after some fine-tuning and practice) we won another round where we scored 156 points against an alliance that scored 84. Later on, we played an especially difficult round against a few of the top teams in our division and ended up losing. We ended up succeeding during our last match, where our score pushed our team up to our finalized rank of 10 out of our division of 75. Following the end of our qualification matches, we loaded back to the hotel and talked as a team about strategies and selections while eating pizza.

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