First Robotics World Championships-Detroit-Day 1

Article Submitted by: Robert Hlucny, Ryan Hlucny, Kyle Stenberg, Kyle Stauffenecker, & Max Utter


Blurry-eyed, yet eager, we loaded up the charter bus and began our trip to Detroit, Michigan at 6:00 AM. The day was largely uneventful as we spent almost the entirety of it on the road, only stopping to eat and for occasional bathroom breaks. We did get to meet up with our friend Joe from Moving Pictures Inc. He will also be catching up with us in Detroit  so we look forward to that! After roughly 15 hours on the road through four states, we finally arrived at New Buffalo, Michigan, where we would be staying overnight to recouperatefor a long day ahead.

Supper break near Chicago.

Lunch stop in Edina
Joe from Moving Pictures, Inc.

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