FRC Robotics Kickoff (1/5/2019)

Today we had our kickoff for the season. The day started bright and early at 7:30 AM with 5172 members heading to Digi Key in Thief River Falls. We started off the event with a nice breakfast hosted by Digi Key and were shown the reveal video for the 2019 FRC game. The theme for this years game is Destination Deep Space.

After the reveal video, the discussion started. We broke off into different groups. The build and design team immedately started brainstorming ideas for how to build this years robot. The chairman’s award team started talking about a plan for their presentation. There was a group that started planning how to decorate our new STEM Center. Several team members were working on various aspects for the team such as: our website, business cards, locker cards, hotel room door cards, etc.

Stay tuned for what’s to come next on our team’s 2019 robotics journey.

Also a huge thank you to Sharon Schultz for making breakfast for the students who stayed back in Greenbush. It was greatly appreciated!

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