Great Northern Regional 2019 Day 2

Article Submitted by: Issie Brockhouse, Christian Wahl, Conner Wojchowski, Ray Tarala, and John Novacek.

Buses were rolling at 7:45 for a very eventful day. We started off the day of matches with 2 unfortunate losses. Our climber had metal shavings in the lead screws and jammed the mechanism for the first match, and in another match our ball manipulator disconnected. Our build crew immediately went to work and fixed the issues.

At 1:30, Chairman’s had a successful presentation and we are very proud of their hard work! Meanwhile we had student ambassadors show some very important people around to show what FIRST is all about.

We came back from being ranked 47th to 6th at the end of the end the day, after a series of victories and a 4 ranking point match where we completed the rocket solo!

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