Marketing Update

The Marketing Team has been busy brainstorming ideas of promotional items  for the competitions and events leading up to promote “Stronghold” and Team 5172. The Marketing Team has sat down and came up with a budget for the season. We had a clothing order through Nelson Ink in Middle River, MN, that promotes our team. The clothing order consisted of a hockey lace hoodie, a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a pom pom beanie hat, and sweatpants. We have been very excited about the clothing order! If you didn’t hear about the clothing order and you are interested, we may be having another order so let us know!

Marketing has also been designing buttons to give away at competition. We have two very good ideas and are excited to see what the team and everyone else thinks of them. Also we are designing bracelets. We are all very excited to see the outcome of those items.

In other news, the build team has made a lot of progress and is getting closer and closer every day to the final prototype. The sponsorship team has been visiting the local businesses and getting our name out in the area. The whole team is currently reading the game manual and learning new strategy. Overall, we’ve been very busy and the excitement of competition is very high.

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