Medtronics Foundation Regional- Practice Day March 29th, 2018

Article submitted by: Kristy Williamson, Jorden Hendrickson, Emily Tarala, and Cammi Cain

Our pit was busy with the robot going through inspection and having other teams send scouts to find out more information on what our robots abilities are. We were able to help other teams create a robot that they would be proud of when leaving this regional. Our pit scouters also went around to other teams to ask questions about their robots and learn unique features of them.  At the Ambassador meeting,  member Kristy Williamson got to meet new people from different teams. They went around the room and said the different reasons they enjoyed being a part of FIRST. Everyone had unique answers. We ended a great day of practice matches by meeting Team 1816, The Green Machine and Team 2239, Technocrats for supper at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a super fun way to end our day and to get to know these teams better!

Tomorrow starts the big day of qualification rounds!  We are hoping for a successful day! Our first match is #3 scheduled for 9:15 AM.

Qualification matches for Friday and Saturday


Drive team getting ready for a practice match
Human player, Ryan Hlucny concentrates as he waits for the match to start
Triple climb
Drive team discusses strategy with some of their mentors following the practice matches
Kristy Williamson and Sarah Stanelle volunteered at the safety glass table
Our team enjoyed a nice supper at the Spaghetti Factory with Team 1816, and Team 2239 after a full day!

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