Medtronics Foundation Regional Arrival Day

Article Submitted By: Ryan Hlucny, Robert Hlucny, Kyle Stauffenecker and Kyle Stenberg

Photos Submitted By: Piper Sondreal, Aubrey Berg, and Sarah Stanelle

At 8:30 A.M., despite our grogginess, the team loaded up in the bus and made way for the cities. With several stops along the way, ranging from bathroom breaks to stopping for lunch, after six hours of driving we finally arrived at our destination at the La Quinta Inn in Bloomington and ate dinner. Several of our teammates hopped back onto the bus and drove to the Williams Arena to unload and set up our pit. Since that was the main priority for the day, once it was completed we were given the rest of the night to relax and mentally prepare for tomorrow’s practice matches at the Medtronics Foundation Regional.

Remember to watch our matches live HERE

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