Northern Lights Region Competition-Duluth Update

What a great first day we had! We started the day off by getting to our pit area and setting up the pit! It was very hectic but we got it set up in no time. The pit crew went to work right away working on the robot. We got the inspector to come to our pit and found out we needed to update our drive system on the computer and a wire on the robot needed to be changed out because we had a short and were losing power. We had about 20 minutes till our second match to fix everything and get out to the playing field. With the help of team 2175 we were able to get out to the playing field on time. ┬áThe game recycle rush was having technical difficulties and caused a lot of problems with our drivers not being able to control our robots. By our third match we had everything running smoothly. We got an extra fourth match because one team couldn’t make it out to the field and it was an open spot for anyone to take. Our drive team stayed back to play in the fourth match while the rest of the team went to eat at Grandma’s restaurant for a pizza buffet. We returned to the hotel around 8:15 and had a team meeting right away at 8:45 going over the days event. Scouting team met after that to pick out the teams that we would need to watch on Friday. It was a great first day and we are very excited for qualification matches to start.

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