Team 5172 Resources

Media/Web Team Resources

The resources on this page were created specifically for team 5172. However, we openly invite other teams to adapt them for their own use.

Blog article schedules, video information, etc. coming soon. Check back here periodically for more information.

Programming Team Resources

Team 5172 has decided to move away from C++ and program the robot in Java. Below are some resources that’ll come in handy for our teammates throughout the season:

Programming Basics:

  • FRC Java Programming – This website holds a LOT of good reference material for programming Java for FRC. If you don’t know anything about Java yet, you might want to start with the links below (under Getting Started).
  • Udemy – A free source that has some really good videos and tutorials for learning Java from scratch.
  • Oracle – Written online lessons on Java (JDK 8)
  • Command based programming – Information about command based programming for FRC. Definitely take a look at this.

Getting Started:

  1. Install Virtual Studio Code with the instructions provided. You will have to install the correct version for your operating system. (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc..)
  2. Once you have installed VS Code, install the Java Extension Pack within the VS Code program. This will be located in the Extensions (CTRL + SHIFT + X)
  3. ¬†Install a Java SE Development Kit¬†installer that corresponds with your computer system under the “Java SE Development Kit 8u192” category. (Windows x64, Linus x86, etc..) Remember to accept the license agreement above the list of systems. (Note: A JRE is already included in the Java SE Development Kit)
  4. After downloading the installer, install the JDK through the installer and create a folder in Program Files on your desktop.
  5. Create a JAVA_HOME environment variable that is set to the file location of your JDK. (To the specific JDK folder, not the installer!)
  6. Once you’re in the VS Code program, press the F1 button on your computer and press on the option “Preferences: Open Settings (JSON)” Write the location of your JDK file in between two curly brackets. (Also include: “java.home”) Example:


“java.home” : “C:\\Program Files\\Java\\ jdk.1.8.0_192”

} (This is just an example, insert YOUR file location)

6. Create a folder on your desktop where you will keep your projects. Once you’re in VS Code, open your new folder on the “Explorer” tab. Then, in the folder press the “New File” icon and name it whatever you’d like and begin a project. (End the file name in .java)

7. Go watch or read tutorials on how to begin programming in Java. There are two sources provided in “Programming Basics”.

Good luck, and if you have any questions don’t forget to ask a mentor or fellow teammate!