St. Louis World Championships Day 3

Today we started qualification matches.  The majority of the team spent the day in the stand match scouting or in the pits scouting.  Some of us were fortunate enough to meet Dean Kamen!

We ended the day with the opening ceremonies that featured many talented performers.  One of them was Kenichi Ebina, the 2013 winner of Americas got talent.  He performed a robot themed dance and a tribute to Michael Jackson.  We also listened to a very inspiring speech from a Major of the United States Air Force.

Submission by: Amy Stauffenecker


There were a lot of scouts that came by the pit today to ask questions about our robot which is a good sign.  For the most part it was pretty relaxed and we are hoping tomorrow will bring many more scouts our way.  The robot performed good all day and there were minimal repairs.  We just kept trying to fine tune the ball autonomous.

Submission by:  Casey Gram and Michael Green


John: We had to get up extra early today in order to get to the pits on time. We ended up being the first qualification match of the day so we had to rush in order to get to the field on time. We were able to win our first match and immediately after we hurried over to the practice field in order to tune our hopper autonomous modes. We were able to win our next three matches, but even though our last match ended in a loss, we were able to shoot 40 kPa (boiler pressure) and pull off a ranking point.

Max: After a super early morning, I got started match scouting as soon as the matches started. There were a lot of great robots, but ours was definitely one of the best ones! I was able to take a couple breaks from the match scouting and I helped the rest of the drive team test autonomous modes. Throughout the day, I got to check out some great robots from around the world which was also a very cool experience.

Submission by: John Langaas and Max Utter




Emily Mclean, Chloe Vanderport, Jaustyn Dahl, and Ella Koebernick with Dean Kamen
Rhianna Utter with Dean Kamen
Kenichi Ebina doing a tribute to Michael Jackson
Ella Koebernick, Ryan Hlucny, Casey Gram, Emily Wicklund, and Robert Hlucny pictured with a pretty cool mascot.

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