St. Louis World Championships Day 4

Today was a pretty successful day for team 5172. After today we were ranked 18th and had top teams come to our pit to check out our robot. My job is the human player at the feeder station in which I feed gears through a chute into our robots gear intake. Overall our robot performed great and we did not drop any gears.

Submission by: Kyle Stauffenecker

Today was a busy day in the pit with lots of scouts coming over to talk about our robot and keeping all the parts up and running. Bearings, master links, shafts, and Velcro were checked regularly and our pit vacuum was put to good use with cleaning out all the dust from the balls. By the end of the day we had quite a few top ranking teams come over talking about alliances and how well put together we are as a team. Go 5172!

Submission by: Emily Tarala

Today was a full day of lots of matches! We started out the morning bright and early, match scouting until lunch. After that, myself, Jaustyn Dahl, Chloe Vanderport, and Amy Stauffenecker set out to accomplish the FedEx Challenge. We had to find a Dropbox decorated like a robot out in the streets and create a video about Archimedes (the man our division is named after) and his contributions to the STEM field. We then had help from our math teacher and mentor Mrs. Kern, with the two extremely hard math problems! Now, we wait for the judges to check out all the other teams who competed on social media and pick a winner! One of the things they are looking for is likes, comments, and shares. This challenge is posted on our teams Instagram (gatorrobotics_5172) and Twitter (@GMRRobotics) help us out! With your support we could with $5,000 for our team!

Submission by: Kaiya Novacek

Chloe Vanderport, Jaustyn Dahl, and Kaiya Novacek working on the FedEx Challenge!


A top-ranked team checking out our robot.

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