State competitions update!

Gators team 5172 started their day off early this morning leaving the hotel at 7:00am. From there we all boarded the bus to Mariucci Arena, home of the University of Minnesota Gophers Hockey team, to be there in time for opening ceremony. When we arrived, the drive team went straight to the pit to get ready because we were in the opening match. Our stand rushers headed straight for the seats to find a good observation point to both watch our team and scout other teams. Once seated and all our cheering props were situated the announcer went over the rules and the regulations to the game. The opening ceremonies began with a parade of teams, with each team being represented by three members including a flag-bearer, standard-bearer, and the team mascot. Our delegation included Robert Hlucny with the standard, Benjamin Lieberg with the flag, and Kristi Williamson as the mascot. Following the parade of teams, a choir made up of members from many different teams sang the national anthem. Immediately following the opening ceremony the teams in the opening match, including ours, set their robots and took the controls to open up the Minnesota State Robotics Competition put on by the Minnesota State High School League.

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