Week 5 Update

Gator Robotics is closing in on the finishing touches of the robot as they draw closer to competition. Here is what is happening now.

This past week our Sponsorship Team traveled to Argyle and Karlstad for potential sponsors.  The team is producing a video to share with sponsors out of the area as well.  It will include team history, team updates, and sponsor information.  The Sponsorship Team met with Legion Post #88 in Greenbush on Tuesday night as well.

Safety Team has been keeping up with use of safety glasses during the build time.  Julia Stenberg, Hannah Anderson, and Dylan Heggedal are working on a battery acid spill kit to have in the pits during competition. A safety glass holder and lens cleaner station is also under works.

The arena build is complete, thanks to mentors Elroy Aune and Gary Langaas who took the time to work with the Arena Build Team.

The Robot Build Team has finished the chassis.  They are practicing crossing the defenses and obstacles of the arena.  Wiring and pneumatics are also pretty much finished up.  The shooting mechanism is also complete, and the lift system is in progress.  Hopefully the build will be completed within the next week so the team can start practicing more.

Brady Kilen has been heading the Strategy Team for match and pit scouting.  He has been researching other teams and is getting a game plan together for the Duluth competition. The team’s drivers and scouts need this information to do their best.

The Junkyard Robot’s base is done and painted, and the team is working on the armature.  The “queen” design is done, and it just needs to be put together with chicken wire, tin cans, and recycled jewelry.

Robotics season is drawing closer to competition.  The Regional Competition is in Duluth March 2-5, and the GMR Gator Robotics Team 5172 will be ready for action thanks to all the mentors, sponsors, and hard work from all the team members!

Some of the Defenses
Some of the Defenses
Elliot Brazier working on the Robot Build
Joseph Hlucny and Elliot Brazier working on some programming.
Robert Hlucny working on the climbing wall.
Emily Tarala and Mentor Russ Anderson working on the climbing wall.


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