World Champs- Load In Day-2019

We finally made it to Detroit on two different buses with a mix of four different teams. One of the buses left at 6:45 from Indiana and went straight to the Cobo Center to set up and the luckier bus left at 7:45 to go to the Fords Museum. The museum was filled with many artifacts and interactive activities that kept the teams members busy for three hours. Bus two then joined the other at the Cobo Center in time to go to the Innovation Fair, multiple workshops and exploring the never ending pits. We had our first practice matches at 6:10 pm. Practice matches are a great way to see the competition and test out our robots for the true competition tomorrow. After getting back to the hotel we all had a great time snacking on pizza and bonding with the other teams. Even though practice days are not usually the most interesting, today was filled with fun and friendship building experiences 

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